ARTEC is a society of confirmed artists ruled by 1901 law

Settled in 1992, This artist’s society works to promote artists and art all over the world.

Art is universal, it is open to different ways of meeting and different cultures.

ARTEC is well known as the society who run exhibitions all over the wold in museums, art fairs, and gallery. The works exhibited being selected by a jury ARTEC usually shows french artists in foreign countries and artists from many countries in France and contribute to meetings between differents ways of thinking and creating from artists of many different places on same subject (portraits, animals, light, meditation, black and white…).

ARTEC conception about art is to melt painting, sculpture, etc. … with poetry, music… and develop a thought about contemporary art.

Being a non-profit organization, ARTEC decides with its members the sums to be committed for its events and calculates the cost price.

ARTEC Association searches for the best possible presentation of the works of its members at the lowest cost. To do this, the association favors free places, partnerships with cities, museums or art centers, but also sometimes chooses places that would require a perception of a right of presentation. These paid exhibition spaces are retained only if they present an objective advantage in terms of image (Cité Internationale des Arts, Château ..

ARTEC provides its members with the widest possible dissemination of information on the exhibitions it organizes (more than 12,000 contacts in the various countries of the world) using the following means: posters, leaflets, publications (catalogs, leaflets, press kits , Radio / tv-), and on the premises: banners or signage. It is of course the responsibility of each member to also disseminate the information through the material set up.

ARTEC ensures the correct holding of the clutches by respecting a minimum space of 30 cm between the canvases, avoiding the superimposition of the works (except special cases: small formats, series etc.)

ARTEC agrees to delegate certain members to the custody or hanging of its exhibitions, but on a reciprocal basis: Artists living near an exhibition site are asked to provide attendance, Hanging or stalling, and in exchange rely on those living in another place to do the same when an exposure takes place near their home.

In the case of an exhibition abroad, ARTEC appoints one or more artists responsible for accompanying works and disseminating information; In this case, it estimates the costs and advances its members of the necessary funds to carry out the business (logistics, accommodation, transport, etc.).